Rightsizing Your Retirement Home (Ep. 4)

Rightsizing Your Retirement Home (Ep. 4)

The key to managing your retirement lifestyle is not ‘downsizing’ but ‘rightsizing.’

In this episode, we are joined by two of Artisan Wealth Strategies’ clients, Nancy and Bob Sweeney, and Jason Rose, a realtor for over 20 years. The trio chats with Brett Ramsey about the criteria you should focus on when you decide to downsize and find a new home, without jeopardizing your finances or lifestyle.

Nancy, Bob, and Jason discuss:

  • The biggest challenges with any downsizing couple
  • Finding options and the availability of products for a new home in this market
  • How to handle the memorable that retirees can t let go of
  • Why retirees should consider a reverse mortgage
  • And more!


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Connect with Brett Ramsey: 

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