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Securing Your Golden Years: Navigating Retirement Income with Confidence (Ep. 8)

Securing Your Golden Years: Navigating Retirement Income with Confidence (Ep. 8)

Are you worried about having enough income to live comfortably in retirement? You’re not alone. 

But what if you had access to a platform that could empower you to make better-informed decisions around social security and create a customized, time-segmented income plan that can be easily managed throughout retirement? 

Join Sheryl O’Connor and Phil Lubinski, experts in the retirement marketplace, as they unveil IncomeConductor®, a revolutionary platform that helps retirees and advisors plan for the future with confidence. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your retirement income and secure your financial future.

In this episode, Phil and Sheryl dive into:

  • The game-changing power of IncomeConductor® – the revolutionary platform for customized, time-segmented income plans for retirees
  • Social security claiming strategy assistance with IncomeConductor®
  • Traditional retirement planning methods have long relied on the “plan till your 9s” approach, but why this is not always the best idea
  • How Artisan Wealth Strategies incorporates IncomeConductor® for client’s retirement plan
  • And that’s not all! 


 Connect with Brett Ramsey:

About Sheryl O’Connor:

Sheryl is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in financial services and technology innovation. A demonstrated leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record and results, Sheryl is skilled at building large enterprise program teams across global business and technology sectors as well as small, agile teams at start-ups. She has spent the last 13 years delivering business value to financial firms and advisors through innovative programs and technology and is a noted speaker and panel member at various industry and association events.

Currently, Sherly is the Co-Founder of IncomeConductor (WealthConductor LLC) which provides a complete program to financial advisors who wish to capture the exploding opportunities in the distribution marketplace, including a platform of support services and an award-winning SaaS technology, IncomeConductor®.

Connect with Sherly: LinkedIn: Sheryl O’Connor 

About Phil Lubinski: 

Phil has spent over 30 years as a financial advisor, serving almost exclusively retirement income planning clients. He has trained thousands of advisors from around the country on his time-segmented retirement income strategy.

Phil has co-developed several fintech systems designed to help advisors create income plans for their clients. After successfully transitioning his practice, he helped co-found WealthConductor LLC with the intention of creating IncomeConductor, the best-in-class time-segmented income software. Phil contributes his financial planning and retirement income expertise to the software design as well as the training and case consultation services.

Connect with Phil: LinkedIn: Phil Lubinski  

The Longevity Plan: How to Make Your Money Last as Long as You Do with Heather Holmes (Ep. 7)

The Longevity Plan: How to Make Your Money Last as Long as You Do with Heather Holmes (Ep. 7)

Retirement planning often involves considering how to make your savings last as long as possible, which is known as a longevity plan. In this episode, we discuss ways to influence your longevity and improve your quality of life during retirement.

Heather Holmes, Founder, and CEO of Genivity, an innovative WealthTech platform, shares how her platform HALO helps people with their long-term financial planning strategy.

Heather discusses how HALO, a WealthTech platform, uses technology to help people with their long-term financial planning strategy and shares practical steps for increasing longevity.

Heather discusses:

  • The latest research on longevity
  • How Genivity HALO helps financial advisors help their clients prepare to live well longer
  • The value of preparing for longevity and how you can finance it
  • And so much more!


Connect with Brett Ramsey: 

Connect with Heather Holmes:

About our Heather Holmes: 

Heather Holmes is the Founder and CEO of Genivity, an innovative WealthTech SaaS platform at the nexus of health and wealth for long-term financial planning and wealth management strategies. Heather leads the vision for Genivity and focuses on product design, business development, and fundraising. She brings a decade of sales, marketing, and market development experience to Genivity from her time in the medical device industry working for Medtronic & Abbott Vascular.

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